Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sheep for Weaver's Cooperative Arrive

The Becky Fund purchased 18 sheep to give one to each woman in the weaver's cooperative developed by AASD. These sheep will allow the weavers to make their own yarn so they will have a constant supply for the future.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Trip Report 2014

We had another fulfilling and productive trip this year.  I was especially fortunate to have so many family members!  We were able to do some special projects for schools, including desks and benches for 2 schools, 100 cups for the noon meal for one school, and kitchen equipment for the special needs school.  I am very pleased that we were also able to support the Andean Alliance with their important sustainable work in building greenhouses.  (see attached report).  Also, we will purchase a lamb for each woman in our weaver's cooperative so they can make their own yarn and will have a constant supply for the future. Thank you to Deedric for writing this year's report.
Dinny Bomberg

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.  I pondered this  Winston Churchill quote on my trip back from two weeks in Peru with The Becky Fund.  It’s not, however, the physical items we give that really matter; in the long run it is what we give of ourselves that really makes a difference in the world.  The Becky Fund provided me and 12 other volunteers with a wonderful opportunity to give something of ourselves to help work towards providing a better future for the children of Peru’s Sacred Valley. 

This year, The Becky Fund volunteers hailed from seven different states and at 13, was the largest volunteer group to date.  Along with our invaluable Peruvian drivers, we were also joined by members of the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (Aaron Ebner and Ruben Huaman Quispe).

This year marked the tenth visit by The Becky Fund to the Sacred Valley and environs.  As in years past, we distributed notebooks pencils, toothpaste, toothbrushes, some toys, and clothing to about 4,000 students.  In addition we distributed over 200 supply bags to teachers containing, among other things, paper, pens, markers, scissors, and soccer balls.  Perhaps the most important item that was given was advice on the importance of education and staying in school!

Even after only a few days had passed, I was asked, “what has been your favorite memory thus far?”  It was hard to answer that question because each day brought a new memories that would compete for the title of “favorite.”

Having stated that, the source of my favorite memories of my trip to with the Becky Fund was the day-to-day, intimate contact we were afforded with people of Peru – people whose lives were not dedicated to tourism.  Memories that come quickly to mind:
  • The smiles of children as they received their new notebook and pencil.
  • Reuben introducing the children & teenagers in our group – he also asked students to guess their ages, which generated much laughter.  Thank you, Avery, Marley, Anna, and Tom for being such good sports!
  • The hospitality of strangers in rHugo (one of our Peruvian drivers and co-conspirators) calling out, “Mama Deeana,  Mama Diana” to get Dinny’s attention.
  • Students singing or reciting poetry for us…and at one school the students asked us to sing something to them!
  • The fantastic performance by the high school dancers from Calca – and the conga line that Kent Penã formed during the “free-form” dancing after the presentation.The Mother’s Day dance performance to which we were treated at the special needs school in Calca.
  • The look of bewilderment on the teacher’s faces when a group of sweaty Caucasians stumbled out of the high jungle in the remote village of Juy Huay bearing notebooks & pencils for the students and supplies for the teachers.
The Becky Fund also help support groups other than students.
This led to a wonderful experience in the village of Choquecancha where the weaver’s co-op provided us with a special dinner, including songs, to thank the fund for their support.   This year, The Becky Fund has committed to supplying members of the co-op with their own wool-lambs to allow them increased independence and control over their costs.

From either our headquarters in Calca or our temporary quarters in Laras, a typical day (if one existed) consisted of a quick breakfast and then an accounting of what would be needed for that day’s distribution.  In Calca, we formed a “bucket brigade” to a transfer supplies from from the courtyard to the street for loading onto the top of the driver’s “combi” (essentially a minivan).

After a few hours of driving, through some of the most scenic views I have ever encountered, we would arrive at a school – and the fun would begin!  A multicolored mass of children would tumble our way – in some cases they were aware that we were coming because it was announced on the local radio station.  Lines of giggling children would form and the distribution would begin (on some occasions, it was more of a scrum).

Then a quickly as we appeared, we packed up and left with a lighter load on the van, and many more memories (and photographs).

My trip to Peru with The Becky Fund has created memories that will last for the rest of my life.  Most of all I was so pleased to have the opportunity to have given something of myself to such a worthy cause.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Trip Report 2013

Please accept my apology for not getting the 2013 trip report out sooner. As I have done the past few years, I asked one of the new participants to give us her perspective of her experience.  Ginny, from Great Falls, Montana was kind enough to do so.

In addition to the schools we were able to visit, we also were able to leave enough supplies to give to some of the schools that are so far away and are inaccessible by car.  Luckily for us, there was going to be a big celebration in the town of Lares and these teachers were going to be there.  This was made possible by our trusted Peruvian friends, who were able to store and distribute the school supplies. They also are seeing that the desks and chairs for 2 schools are constructed and delivered.  Without all of you who have so faithfully supported us for the last ten years and our Peruvian friends who help us in country, this work would not be possible!

As always, I thank you,
2013 Trip Report

This was my first time volunteering to help with The Becky Fund organization and my first trip to Peru. What a fantastic experience it was to invest time and energy in such a worthy organization Seven volunteers traveled with Dinny and our two Peruvian drivers to schools largely in remote mountain villages- often times to villages seldom visited by foreigners. We knew when the mountain road was especially treacherous as our driver paused and mode the sign of the cross before he continued carefully on! Participating with the project immersed us all directly into the Peruvian language, culture and customs. Should you volunteer, be sure to bone up on your Spanish language skills.

All of the monetary donations given to The Becky Fund are spent on providing school supplies and worthy school improvement projects. We delivered supplies to well over 3100 students and more than 160 teachers! The supplies purchased by The Becky Fund included notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, multipurpose paper, maps, inflatable balls, and motivational stickers. School improvement projects included upgrading a school kitchen (in this case the rudimentary kitchen consisted of an open fire with no venting of smoke to the outside posing a health hazard), windows for a school (it's COLD in the mountains of Peru and often times students don't have warm clothing and shoes!) and desks, tables, and chairs for students. The teacher of one very poor school asked for a carpet so his students would not have to sit on the dirt floor of the classroom. Instead- and better yet- The Becky Fund will hire a local carpenter to build tables and chairs for this classroom thereby supporting the school and the local economy! At the volunteers' own expense as well as donations by dentists and others, this year's volunteers also distributed toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothing, and toys. As a volunteer be prepared to do without many of  your own personal items to leave more room to fill your luggage with supplies for the kids!

What a thrill it was to see children glow with appreciation when they were handed their own school supplies (their response was often like the delight we see in the USA when a child gets an iPod)! After the pencils were distributed, the kids were very happy when we gave them the empty box! The teachers were truly grateful to get the badly needed items for their classrooms-items that many of them have to buy with their own money if their classroom is to have any at all. When we went to one very small school, the teacher remarked in Spanish "Oh! I thought you had forgotten us this year!" Clearly, The Becky Fund donations are greatly appreciated and well invested in Peru.

 The Becky Fund is all about emphasizing the importance of education to Peruvian students. At each school Dinny addressed the students and explained why they needed to study hard to learn skills necessary to help them have a better future.

I hope to be a volunteer for The Becky Fund again! While working with the project I saw Peru for the first time in no other way possible. I highly recommend The Becky Fund organization to donors and volunteers.

Ginny Jamruszka-Misner