Thursday, November 17, 2005

Our Mission

The Becky Fund was established with a vision of aiding the children of Peru, who continue to be the most vulnerable victims of the crippling poverty of the region.

Since its beginning in 2003, the fund has provided thousands of children in rural areas
of Peru with individual school supplies and almost 100 schools with teacher materials. In schools where the few items available are usually purchased by the teacher with his or her own money, these supplies can make the difference between a child having only a rudimentary understanding of the language and being truly literate, opening up options for that child’s ability to make a contribution to his or her community in the future.

Throughout the region, children exhibit the signs of suffering from poor nutrition. These signs include delayed mental and physical development, and lower resistance to infection. In response to this need, a nutrition component, called “the guinea pig project”, was initiated in 2005. Focusing on a traditional source of protein in Peru, a plan was presented to the schools to provide the young animals. In the participating schools, the parents and teachers have made a commitment to build a habitat for the animals and to prepare meals for the children at the school.

The work of the Becky Fund is possible through the generosity of hundreds of donors. Over 95% of what is donated is spent in direct aid to the children of Peru. Volunteers to the program pay their own expenses. The activities afforded by the Becky Fund have affected thousands of lives, those of the children, their parents and the teachers. Through the education and energy of their
children, the Peruvian people see hope for lifting themselves out of poverty.

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TheBeek said...

God bless you for reaching out with donors and volunteers to help educate and equip the children of Peru. Thank you for creating this venue for me to pass the wrod along to my big-hearted friends. I am grateful for the Becky Fund and the work you all do! Hugs from TheBeek ;o)