Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank You Phi Gamma Delta (U of Mich)!

Dear Dinny,

Greetings from the University of Michigan! On behalf of the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) here at the University, I would like to present you with this donation of $375.22 in support of The Becky Fund. Perhaps my mom told you about the fundraiser we held here on campus; we had about 35 members of our organization out bucketing on a mild spring day this past April. It was a very successful event; on top of the money raised, we were able to spread the good word about the work being done in becky's honor...

As I am sure you have heard, Aaron and I along with our friend Dave Scott, and Sean Duffy, will be heading back to Peru in the next few weeks. We plan to undertake the school building upgrade/construction project that Aaron has been working so hard on. He has made it his goal to raise an impressive amout of money for this project, and hopefully this donation can help as well.

We are glad to lend our support to The Becky Fund, and hope that the organization can continue to assist the indigent students of Peru. in addition, my brother Aaron and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to do such important work for such a noble cause.

Thank you again; Good luck and best wishes!

Ethan Ebner
Graduate Advisor
Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)
University of Michigan

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